Please note: We can have a postal service for smaller products, but be aware cages etc are too big to ship. We do offer a delivery service for perth metro. Phone 0417 933577 for a quote.

Dome Enclosures

Budget dome cage 1.8 long x 1.15 wide x 1.5 high$ 480
Small dome cage 1.8 long x 1.15 wide x 1.6 high (With two nest boxes and shelf)$ 680
Medium Dome Cage 1.8 long x 1.4 wide x 1.7 high ( With two nest boxes and shelf)$ 780
Medium Dome Cage 1.8 long x 1.4 wide x 1.7 high ( With two nest boxes and shelf)$ 950

closure2 closure1 cages 3 sizes best

Egg Cube $ 980

1.74 high x 1.2m x 1.2m

Egg Cube could be shipped as a pallet with a trucking company( built with forklift pickup system for transport)

Rodent resistant, Australian timber, sealed base all quality

Got a black board on front to record import things such as last wormed date, tally eggs or just fun for the kids to write on.

Interlock Panels

Interlock Panels, just pin together. With door panel and plain panel

Door Panel$ 260
Plain Panel$ 190

Hay Rings

hay ring resz(suitable for small to largest round bales) $ 220 ea

Rabbit hutch type cages

rabbit-hutchThese make great brooders

Electric Fencing

50m rolls 1.2m high 50m long Netting with 15 stacks to hold up.

Attach an electric unit to power up and help keep your free ranging birds safe from foxes during the day.

Move around paddock/yard as chickens scratch up area.  $358

electric fence 50m  

WE stock Nemtek electric netting which is GREEN so does not make yard look like a construction site. As you can see with ducks above. $358 for 50m roll with posts, just add appropriate enigizer to it.

  8km Fully contained including battery charged by solar panel. Put anywhere, with no need for a power source $ 480

  3km Fully contained including battery charged by solar panel. $ 295

Perfect to add to a length of electric netting or put a hot wire above poultry pens to deter foxes or dogs from getting to your chickens

PetStop Solar powered Electric Fence kit $ 340

Incudes solar powered Energizer with solar panel, 8 fibreglass posts and insulators to run 3 wires, 200m of electric rope

Perfect kit to fence dogs out of vegie garden or away from chook runs. Can also add it to existing chicken yards to help keep birds safe from foxes.

Unit runs 24m of fencing with 3 hot wires easily.

pet stop

Nest Boxes

Rollaway nest box inserts $ 30 ea

insert rollaway

Single rollaway nest box with insert $ 85

front single rollaway insert box

Double rollaway nest box with insert $ 125

front insert rollaway dble nest box        back view rollaway dble insert nest box

Rollaway timber only nest box  $ 52

rollaway nest box          rollaway back section

Single box MDF nest box  $35

large hex nestbox nest box hanging closed black hanging box Jim nest box 3 compartment 2 compartment 

Nest O Matic, these are a great rollaway box (come flat packed) $98


D bowls(with float system) $ 63

d water rez float

Olive drum water (holds 200lt) $250


Auto bell water
Variety of small auto cup waterers

Lube cup Waterer packet of  two for $ 25


Hi Flow verticle nipples packet of  two for $10.40


T piece for lube cups and nipples packet of Two $ 13

t peice twin pack

Bottle water base  $ 15ea

come with inserts for different size bottles

hole plastic drinker

Ball Waterers

1lt Red waterer $7

1 lt red water

1.3 lt  $9
2.5lt (with legs) $22
4 lt  $ 28
12 lt  $ 38


Plastic Feeders

1kg Yellow feeder $7

1kg yellow feeder

1.5kg  $12 ea
3 kg  $ 22 ea
5 kg   $28 ea


Galvanized Feeders

9 kg Gal  $ 48
15kg Gal  $ 58


Galvanized Waterer

9lt  $ 52

galvanized water 9lt


Olive drum feeder (100kg) $ 160


Treadle feeders 10kg ( $160) and 20 kg ($190)

Treadle feeders

Chick Feeders

Chick feeders 16 hole
Galvanized 24 hole


Plastic tray feeder  $ 15ea

plastic chick feeder hole

Shell Grit Hanging Tray 50cm $20 ea

Shell Grit Hanging Tray 30cm  $ 16 ea

These trays are great to hang on fence with shell grit in them so birds can peck and get calcium as they require.

No need to be keep shell grit dry so can go anywhere in yard for easy access.


Poultry Leg Rings

We have a lovely supply of different sizes and colours available.

Four colours available blue, green, yellow and red great to mark individual birds

and because spiral if get caught by ring good chance it will stretch and release bird

$ 12 per packet of 10

sizes  16mm, 22mm, 25mm


Chicken Charm Leg bands.

Chicken jewellery perfect to make your chickens individuals, wether it is super chook or a nice flower charm on leg band, or just a charm number in either pink or purple.

Baby Band Leg bands

$8 per pack of 100 six mixed colours

These are great for your day old chicks as they grow. They stretch so no need to change constantly.

Available in 4 sizes small(quail and bantams), Medium (light and heavy breed chicks) Large and X- Large for slightly older chicks


Carry Boxes

Cat type carry box $ 45

MDF light breed, Bantam carry box

Blank ready to be decorated for your special show bird $ 35ea

carry box carry box

Brooder Heating Equipment

We stock a variety of heating options for your day old chickens and ducklings.
Feel free to talk to our staff about these options Eg Heat Mats, Globes, and fittings

30cm reflector kerbl heat reflector set heating plate lamp set pvc heat mat

False Eggs

Packet of two  $ 8
False eggs are great to put in nest boxes to try and encourage birds to lay where you want.

Or to put under clucky hens till you can introduce day olds under them or waiting for fertile eggs to arrive


Bantam size false eggs

Packet of 4  $ 8

bantam flase eggs pack 4

Rodent Control

Ratex mice and rat bait 1kg  $ 28

– high margins for poultry shed bait stations
– Greater safety margin in this bait. Is suitable to use around poultry sheds where chickens etc may eat dieting mice.

Reduced chance of secondary poisoning.


Live catch rat trap (ea) $38ea

– Put peanut paste on trap door and place where rats are running tie in rafters etc of sheds where they run along beams.

Once you catch one its mates come to investigate and you multi catch. Live catch

livecontrol2  livecontrol

Live catch mouse trap $ 20

– Live catch mice trap. Bait with peanut paste or similar to attract mice to trap


Rat and mouse old fashioned wood snap traps

Mice (twin pack) $ 3.50

Rat (single) $ 5.20

rat and mouse traps

Cray pot multi catch mice trap $ 12 ea


Rain Gauges

These are great to keep track of rainfall each year at your property


Lice & Flea Control

Diatomaceous Earth 4kg $ 29

– Diatomaceous earth is an organic silica suitable to deter such things as stick fast flea, red mites from pens.

It works by drying them out so they can not breath. Good to put in chickens sand bath holes etc and dust chickens with it.

Also in the soil under perches etc to stop fleas from breeding in the soil of coops. Also is thought to help with worms in chickens.

Does pay to use a mask and gloves when using even thou NON-TOXIC it has a drying effect.


Malaban Wash 250ml  $ 24

malaban wash 250ml

David Gray’s Poultry Dust $ 22

david poultry

Pestene $27

pestene photo

Vitamin’s and Supplements

DOUBLE STRENGTH Apple Cider Vinegar

2lt plain$ 20
2lt with Garlic$ 22.50
5lt plain$ 36
5lt with garlic$ 40
20lt plain$ 110
20lt with Garlic$ 125
200lt plain$ 740
200lt with Garlic$ 845

2lt plain ACV 200lt with garlic ACV

– changes PH in poultry crop to aid digestion. Also gives birds extra vitimins and minerals Great tonic and natural antibiotic

The double strength is obtained by culturing the ACV with yeast and oxygen.  This process take approx.. an extra 6 weeks on top of the usual time it takes to ferment the apples to get ACV. Our double strength ACV is the only animal grade double strength ACV on the market that does not contain any chemicals.  True ACV should be 4% acidic acid, some is being sold as 2.8-3.2 % (strictly just apple cider), others says they are stronger but use chemicals to bring the acid levels up.

How Does It Work?



Horses 8 – 80mls

sheep 1 – 20mls

goats 2 – 20mls

calves 2 – 20mls   Cattle 5 – 100mls

Deer 3 – 30mls

Pigs 2 – 30 mls

Poultry 1ml per 1 litre of water

double strength apple cider lots bottles 2lt plain ACV 20lt plain ACV


Megatrace is a unique formulation of organically protected high quality sea-based minerals in a Chelated, bi-available liquid form that is easily assimilated and absorbed by livestock. MegaTrace is specially created for animals to help address mineral deficiencies, therefore maximizing growth potential and optimizing production and performance levels

2litre  $45

2lt mega trace

5 litre $90

5lt megatrace

20lt $300

20lt megatrace


Peck blocks 650gm

– These are similar to putting a mineral block in with your horses/cattle/sheep but these have constiency of polystrene so chickens can consume them(not hard) They contain vitamins A, D3,E,B1,B2,B6,B12,C,K Nicotinic Acid, D pantothenic acid, inostitol, Biotin, Amino Acids, : Alanine, Arginine, Aspartic Acid, cysteine, phenylalanine, glutamic acid, glycine,histidine, isoleucine, leucine, lysaine, DL methionine, proline, serine, threonine, tryptophan, valine, tyrosine, Minerals and trace elements: Magnesium, iron, cobalt, salt, calcium, phosphorus, ainc, manganese, copper, selenium, binders : bran pollard, cottonseed meal, kelp, veg oil, yeast. These act as a health tonic and assist in general well being and aid for recovery from disease. Some training required to teach them what they are eg sprinkle little feed on block to encourage them to try.Once they realize what they are they consume as their bodies tell them they need vitamins and minerals. These are perfect for moulting poultry and assist in feather growth. Also birds recovering for sickness. Top end vitamins and minerals.


Solvita 200gm $ 25

– This is a great vitamin suppliment for poultry. To help in recovery after hot weather or deficency caused by other facters such as disease or moulting. Great to use in young poultry after been treated for coccidiosis. Do not mix with Amprolium(will stop amprolium from working if mixed) finish amprolium course then replace losted vitimains with solvita. Another great product to have in first aid kit when breeding and keeping poultry


Solvita 100 g $ 18

solvita 100g

Solaminovit liquid 200ml  $30

Vitamin and amino acid supplement for all animals and poultry

solaminovit liquid 200ml

Maintenance Peck Block  $14

maintenance block maintenance scan speal

Tough Egg Peck blocks 500gm $18 ea

Any time birds approach lay, Tough Egg Blocks provide benefits. The blocks suit birds at any time there is a drain on nutrient and calcium demand.  Tough Egg Peck Blocks boost the intake of vitamins, minerals, trace elements and amino acids, all of which are critical for the formation of good egg quality eggs and aid formation of tough egg shells. Poor eggs are noted when the egg size is decreased, shells become fragile or internal contents are runny.  These problems can have multiple causes, but most commonly improving the nutritional supplements is the first step in investigating reasons.  The booster levels of vitamins target the gut uptake of calcium, essential for tough egg shells. The ingredients include three types of calcium, phosphorus, essential amino acids, Vitamin A, D3, E, plus each of the B group vitamins, and trace elements including Selenium.  These blocks are more effective than the liquid or powder water soluble vitamins, and more importantly, because they require some time for the birds to consume them, ensure all birds can be supplemented. The blocks support birds in all weathers, and do not rely on birds drinking, which drops in winter, making water soluble vitamins not as attractive. One block for up to 20 birds is usually sufficient on a weekly basis, aiming for the blocks to be consumed in around 6 hours. Keep the blocks dry during storage and use. The carrier grains also make the birds feel full. These grains inhibit the formation of gizzard plugs, and keep the gut contents flowing. Preventing gizzard impaction is really important in free range birds. Regular roughage fibre supplementation of free range flocks, especially when on long green grass, is strongly advised. Access to grits, stones and pebbles is recommended, as these support the action of Tough Egg Peck Blocks. These blocks are not a diet replacement and should not be fed continuously.

tough Egg block


$22 for 1kg

Just released, this has to be one of the best poultry booster available. 1kg treats 40kg of feed. Great for moulting season when your poultry’s energy and protein, vitamin needs are at their highest. Also great if you have a pen of birds that are feather pecking. Or during any high stress times to support your birds immunity and well being.


Coccidia Control

Amprolium 200 (100gm)  $ 28

Amprolium is for the treatment of coccidiosis in chickens, turkeys, ducks, pigeons a must for first aid kit when breeding poultry.

It works using vitamin B to kill Cocci. So follow up with solvita after treatment to replaced used vitamins is good practice


Amprolium 200 (20g satchel) $10

amprolium 20g

Worm Control

Piperizine feed pack 5birds/10kg  $ 15

– Piperizine has a nil with holding period. It is for the treatment of roundworms in poultry.

This pack is designed for small backyard flock that will not drink their worming solution in water. Just add to enough feed

for the day to worm up to 10kg of chickens or five 2kg chickens in one sachet

piperzine pack

Levamisole 100g    $42

For use in drinking water for the treatment and control of worms in poultry and is effective against Ascaridia galli, heterakis gallinae and Capillaria obsignata.

100g is enough to treat 2500 birds (assuming body weight is 2kg per bird)

Levamisole concentrate 100g

Levamisole 20g  $ 18

levamisole conc 20g

Piperizine 1kg  $ 82

For the treatment of large white roundworms(Ascaridia sp) in poultry

piperizine 1kg

Piperizine 100g   $18

100gm piperazine


Provit singles  $8

– Another great product for your poultry when they have been under the weather. Natural alternative to using antibiotics. Mix one sachel per day to return natural flora and balance to your poultry.

Best kept in refidgerater for longer shelf life.


Cleaners and Sanitizers


Formulated especially to clean and sanitize incubators and brooding equipment. Use as spray and wipe low foaming so can be left on surface to continue sanitizing.


Vaccines & Veterinary Supplies

Mareks 2000 dose liquid nitrogen   $120

Dilutent    $15

Fowl Pox 1000 doses   (no supply available in Australia, till March 2017???)

fowl pox vaccine

Live vaccine that can be administered to all ages from day old (wing stab)

Fowl pox dilutent

fowl pox dilutent

Fowl pox stabber  $5

fowl pox stabber

Infecteous Bronchitis (IB) 5000 doses  $68

IB vaccine

Can be administered to all ages from day old (eye drop or drinking water or spray system)

IB eye drop dilutent (1000 dose)  $12

eye drop diluent

Coryza 1000 dose  $228

1000dose coryza

Can be administered from 4 weeks old (injection)

Coryza single bird dose  $7

Distributed under veterinary advise

coryza single bird vaccine

Needles $12

needle 12 pack
Vaccinating kits
Scarpel blades

Betadine Solution 500mls $ 28

betadine solution

Terramycin Pinkeye powder 50g $ 45

terramycin powder

Snoozle 25lt $12

snoozle 25lt

Snoozle PLUS 25lt $ 15

snoozle plus 25lt

Pet Flakes 15lt (1kg) dust extracted compacted pine shavings $8


Shavings large bales dust extracted compacted pine shavings $ 34


Mini Hemp bedding

12lt   $10

12lt hemp

48lt $20

48lt hemp

140lt  $ 44

140lt Hemp

Solar Hen Safe automatic doors $ 320


We are now the distributer for Cock Collars for WA 


*Available in all sizes.

Soft collars  $8.50 ea

$10.50 Bling rooster collars(all sizes)

bow tie cock collar  

Carry Me Chickadee Bags  $ 30 ea

OE best in bag

Neutradet Cleaner 1 lt

This is specially formulated for cleaning and sanitizing delicate incubating and brooding equipment. Low foaming so can be left on surfaces to continue to protect against bacteria and germs. Mix as spray and wipe. 10% general cleaning 20% for incubators and brooders that have had a problem. Or use as spray and wipe to sanitize waterers, feeders. Great all round sanitizer and cleaner.

Stalosan F 8kg  $ 92

Sanitizing powder disinfectant. Now available in backyard size amounts.

Used globally for 50 years in large scale operations now available in 8 kg buckets

Perfect to add to your sawdust litter in brooder boxes and coops. Helps stop nasties from developing

stalsan F stalosan label


Groovy chicken solar powered to dance away in window.

groovy chick

Solar light chickens $ 18 ea

solar chook

Rooster toothpick holder

toothpick holder

Hand crafted cheese boards and cutting boards

cheese board

Egg cups


Variety of hen and rooster statues, welcome signs, hanging plaques, wind chimes

hen two chicks rooster  welcome roo  tractor 3 peice set

Variety of hand crafted jewelry boxes. egg cartons, wine bottle holders, horse shoe coat hangers all beautifully made by hand

wood egg crate  bread board

Plus lots more exciting products on their way.

This is by no means a comprehensive list of everything we have in stock. We are adding continuously with demand. Feel free to come in opening hours Saturday 9am to 4pm Sunday 10m to 2pm  Monday to Wednesday 10am to 4pm.

Or we offer a postage service, for most products.