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Pisces Wood Roaches make an ideal clean insect food for lizards, fish, frogs and birds. Pisces woodies are very clean insects and are not known to carry disease organisms. Woodies naturally live in dry conditions under dead wood or tree bark and grow to approximately the same size as a large cricket. Unlike house cockroaches, wood roaches bear there young live and it is quite likely some will be born in the container. How to Feed Woodies can be slowed down prior to feeding by placing in a refrigerator for five minutes. Feed only enough woodies that will be eaten immediately. Vitamin & mineral supplements (Pisces Gutload) can be sprinkled onto the woodies prior to feeding. Storage & Care Woodies will remain alive in the container for quite a long time and will obtain sufficient food and moisture from the piece of carrot supplied in the container. To keep them fresh & to get longer life replace the piece of carrot every few days. Feedng Lizards Woodies are a natural and highly nutritious food for many species of lizards. They can often be used to entice fussy eaters that have gone on hunger strike. Feeding Fish Large cichlids and other large species love woodies. They can be fed by hand, with tweezers or just tipped onto the waters surface. Woodies provide a high protein food with beneficial roughage which is often missing in dry foods. Feeding Frogs Woodies are a nutritious and natural diet for large green tree frogs. Feeding Birds Many insectivorous birds will happily accept woodies as an interesting variation to their diet.

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