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Oxymav B is a broad spectrum antibiotic powder for avairy birds. For the treatment of disease due to Oxytetracycline sensitive organisms in ornamental caged birds. Effective against a wide range of Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria, certain Richettsiae, Chlamidia, Actinomycetes, Mycoplasma, Protozoa and some of the larger viruses.   Directions for Use:
DiseaseDosageCritical Comments
Chronic Respiratory Disease (CRD) and bacterial enteritis5g (1 measure) in 50mL waterTreat the bird for 3-5 days or as directed by a veterinarn.
General Instructions: Prepare fresh solution daily and use as the sole source of drinking water. 50mL of prepared solution will treat 2 large birds (parrots, cockatoos) or 10 small birds (canaries, finches, budgerigars). Active Constituent: 10g/kg OXYTETRACYCLINE HYDROCHLORIDE (equivalent to 9.3g/kg oxytetracycline. Restraints: DO NOT USE in food producing species of birds

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