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How to Use Happy Neighbours : Rooster Collars Rooster collars are available in three sizes, which size you use depends on breed, and age of your bird. Also you need to take into account that young cockerels are growing, so care must be taken to check the collars regularly and adjust, or replace with larger size as required. Small(15cm):- Suitable for most bantams Medium(20cm):- Suitable for Large breed cockerels and light breeds Large (25cm):- Suitable for Large breeds and mature large birds How to decide on a suitable size for your bird:- Measure around the lower neck under the hackle feathers with dress makers measuring tape. Remember never tighten to less than a small finger gap between collar and neck.Care to maintain collars and check sizing as birds grow and fills out, to ensure rubbing, and irritation is not occurring when using collars. If your flock goes down with respiratory disease or we get extremely hot days, please remove collars to ensure safety of the bird.  Fitting Collars Collars are designed to be placed as Low on neck as possible under the hackle feathers. First time fitting, do not tighten the collar, put on loosely and allow bird to accustom itself to wearing a collar for the first time. You may get a bird trying to scratch collar off, run backwards and show signs of not being happy. Ensure birds airways not obstructed. Watch birds carefully until you are sure, their behaviour is only because it is getting accustomed to having a new item on its neck, it has never seen before. Any signs of breathing difficulties loosen collar immediately. Best to put collar on for the first time in the morning so you can watch behaviour over the day ensuring bird is safe. Over coming days slowly tighten the loose collar, so to quieten the crow the rooster makes. Collars DO NOT  stop them from crowing totally, but over time birds learn they cannot crow properly and a large majority give up trying. If they do crow when fitted correctly, the volume is greatly affected. These collars work best when used on cockerels that have not learnt to crow properly for the first time. If used on older already crowing birds, they may not be as affective.(greatly depends on the individual bird) Elastic fitting allows for easy adjustment and movement, also helps to stop problems such as feather rubbing, to enable bird freedom to go about his normal daily tasks, but all care should be taken when using collars. They are NOT put on and forget, they must be MAINTAINED. Rooster collars save lives, with suburbs approaching on farmland, and people getting back to keeping a few chooks in their backyards, the need for roosters to ensure the survival of specialist breeds and backyard poultry is a must. We cannot breed poultry without both males and females, with councils worried about noise control, these are a tool, to enable us to continue breeding in our own backyards and enjoy our own poultry produce complementing our veggie gardens and fruit trees, as we aim towards a sustainable lifestyle.

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