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FHE is fermented in Australia by specialist operations at Multikraft. FHE is used widely in poultry and cattle operations in Europe, and we are now pleased to have this available in Australia for use in poultry. This exciting product is a blend of three probiotics and a fermented plant base. FHE works as a probiotic, but adds on the benefits afforded by the fermented herbs. There are two Lactobacillus species and a Sacchromyces yeast. The herbs used in FHE include caraway, yarrow, anise, fennel, birch leaf, goldenrod, rosemary, peppermint, and marshmallow root. The active organic fermented acids in the background assure the stability of this live culture product which comes from the low acidity achieved during the fermenting process. The product improves the gut microfloral balance by constantly providing an anaerobic, bacterial friendly base load of microbiota. The organic acids assist the microfloral population to proliferate, crowd out pathogens and improve the digestive efficiency, A healthy flora balance supports immune system function. It can take several days for the birds to respond to FHE. Good early indicators of a response is firming of faeces. Producers have reported a whole range of situations where FHE use presented a positive bird health response. The list includes improved litter dryness, birds begin to eat more food, birds recover faster from coccidia and heat stress, improved resilience following respiratory disease, supplemented birds laying bigger eggs after a couple of weeks of daily use, excretion of drier faeces and settled behaviour patterns as birds do not appear to be so hungry all the time. FHE can be fed continuously, but many producers administer FHE once a week or as required. USING FHE WITH DRY FEED or WHOLE GRAIN FREE RANGE DIETS Starter feed: For day old chicks: Spray 30ml of FHE evenly over each kg of starter feed. Use this rate for the first week. Grower feed and beyond: Reduced use to 10ml per kg of feed. USING FHE AS A WET MASH SUPPLEMENT Birds enjoy eating wet mash, and so the daily amount (1% or 3% depending on bird age) required can be diluted with water and used to prepare your daily mash. There is a back ground smell of molasses with this product, and birds find this attractive. SAFETY IN BIRDS AND USERS FHE does not need to be refrigerated, but being a live culture, do not store it where is will overheat - a minimum target of below 37C is suggested. Try and use the FHE just by itself. Apart from water, NEVER mix medications in with it. FHE is safe for the birds and to anyone contacting it. However, always as a precaution, wear a face mask if you elect to coarse spray the product onto feed. Although safe, using more FHE will not necessarily give an improved benefit. FHE is safe to use on birds in lay, and there are no withdrawal periods. There may be a white milky top which develops in the container on storage– this is normal as the culture is live and continues to grow - and the culture disperses when the container is shaken prior to use. While FHE is quite compatible with all known feeds, it does not reverse the effects of substandard rations. Always be aware that boosting with protein / amino acids / Vitamins may be more appropriate in some instances - such as during moulting or before point of lay. The FHE should provide improved benefits when it can work with the building block of a good ration.

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