Amprolium 100 g satchel

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Amprolium 200 - 100g satchel ( please be aware bottles no longer available) - Used for the prevention and treatment of Coccidiosis in poultry. A must for first aid kit when raising chickens Is used to control coccidiosis levels in chicks. All chickens carry cocci, but birds under stress can produce too much and it can kill them. We recommend you use amprolium in water for a few days in high stress times to help them regulate how much they are producing. Use Amprolium in any high stress times for your chicks. But do not keep them on it full time. It uses vitamin B to kill cocci and you do not want to deplete your chicks of vitamin B When adding young birds to older birds amprolium can be used again, there is NO WITH HOLDING period on eggs, so does not matter if older birds consume same water, in fact it will help them as well.

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